Neville Cooper is a prolific UK abstract artist who has produced masterpiece abstract and fine art works for decades. Known for his bold, unapologetic and exhilarating paintings with a riot of colours that explode in front of your eyes and fire the imagination.  Neville has exhibited all over the UK in leading and local exhibitions where his work always gains the eyes of avid abstract fans.

Neville has been a practising artist for 50 years. A profound and lasting influence on his work came in his formative years in the Merchant Navy (1954-63), where he saw the colours of the Red Sea and South Pacific. The vibrant hues were in direct contrast to the grays and drabness in the East End of London. He was also into to the Jazz and Blues world through the on board radio station ‘Voice of America’ around this time and perceived and a new stimulating a sense of colour and form through the nature of music.

Early work was influenced by Jasper Johns. and Robert Rauschenberg. Though in recent years my current work has been affected by the work of, Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell.